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Wake Forest Problem-Based Learning

Educators know that traditional classrooms frequently fail to prepare students for 21st century challenges. Frustrated by statistics that show American students lagging behind their global peers in math, science, and reading, both teachers and administrators are searching for ways to close those gaps and equip students for an innovative, information-based economy. In virtually every field, students will need to be problem-solvers, organizers, and strong communicators to secure a competitive edge.

WFPBL offers K-12 teachers an exciting new teaching and learning approach that makes content relevant and memorable while building the skills students will need for 21st century success. Ready-made lessons or “cases” promote inquiry and authentic learning, and cases are helpfully correlated with several systems of standards including Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards. Step-by step instructions make WFPBL cases easy to use, but quality professional development ensures even greater results.

If traditional classroom practices aren’t preparing your students for the challenges you know they will meet, learn more about what we can offer at Wake Problem-Based Learning.

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